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About Maia

                                       I did it my way -  Frank Sinatra 

Maia is originally from South America. She is a professional model based in Miami currently,

lived in New York for many years as well in Mexico City, MX.

Maia's experience in the modeling industry is mostly fashion, runway, couture, glamour and fine art. Maia's is currently a full time fine art model. Signed with TXM Mgmt in New York City.

In this page  you will see most of her recent art work. 

Hide and Seek

My Story

When I was five years old, one day I found myself modeling my dad's shirt in front of the mirror. Since then,

I always had a sense for fashion and modeling in general. Often I will find myself staring at my self in the mirror, doing my makeup or even coloring my own hair. 

I used to be obsessed with looking at my mom while she was doing her makeup. 

I am from a small town where everything seems too impossible to achieve. I decided to be strong and go for it,

with nobody to support me but myself. I did many things I am proud of, as well as some others I am not, but I have no regrets.

I travel often and spend a lot of time by myself, simply because I don't fit in anyone's agenda and I like being myself without limitations or judgements. 

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