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                                  Maia's Fine Art Nude Workshop

                                                                               Meet and Greet! Lets have some fun while taking pics :)


The idea is to take pictures and have fun on a Saturday night, creating cool images for social media or your web site. We will have pizza, beer, water and some other snacks. Water Tea or Coffee? Maybe.. decaf...

The shoot will take place in my Photo Studio, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom and Bathtub. Using constant light, beauty dish and gel lighting. Maia will be doing hair, make up and styling for each look, a total of 8 max. 4 each hour. The shoot is full nude photoshoot styled with props such as hats, glasses high boots, heels, playing with see thru fabrics, and there also will be lingerie and rope to style and shoot with your choice.


 All photos taken should be tasteful, elegant and artistic, no too sexy or trashy posses (please see my work and posses to have a better idea) May use oil to apply to skin and give shiny skin effect in the last shoot. and some other gold glitter cream to do a creative shoot.

 Every 15 min. we change the looks and move to another spot to shoot. Terry will be assisting and helping with lights and logistics.

Model release can be signed. You are welcome to share pictures after the shoot. Backstage pictures and videos can also be taken as long as they are done in a proper manner. Even if you are not a full time photographer, or don't own a professional camera, you are also welcome.We are looking to shoot with professional and respectful people that are interested in photography and likes art in general. Amateurs are always welcome and Maia always love to collaborate with ideas or suggestions.


Murray Hill, Manhattan. 36th St. and 1st Ave. East Side, NY NY 10016

(Apartament # will be confirm by email before the day of the shoot for security reasons)

Parking near by for about $15 hr

10 Mins. walk from Gand Central Station.

Payments and Re-scheduling your shoot:

There is no refund and all payment should be made before the day of the shoot as the latest. If you can't make it to the day of the workshop, we will have to reschedule it, during the day btw Tuesday - Friday, 9am - 3pm the latest, and must pay the original rate for artistic nude with is $150 hr. We will have to shoot the 2 entire hours of your original booking.

If you want to shoot solo or 1 on 1 after the workshop, its ok, but will only have 1 hour after that day and must booked with 2 days notice.

 Payments via PayPal ( or Venmo ( before the day of the workshop as the latest payment.




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