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Confidence and Self love

Confidence is a trait that is built over time by developing some habits that make one feel good about their own abilities, and their place in the society. These habits span the personal, social and career spheres.

  1. Family

The family is the bedrock of all social relationships. A strong, happy family makes for an emotionally stable individual. The family makes an individual feel that they belong somewhere and have people behind them no matter what. This is a real self-esteem booster which is crucial in building up confidence.

  1. Friends

As social beings, everyone feels the need to belong. A circle of friends gives an individual the feeling of belonging to something bigger where she is accepted. Friends at the workplace and at home are a source of morale support when things are not going well, giving a person the confidence to face daily challenges.

  1. Passion/Purpose

Passion or purpose in life gives a person something to look forward to each day. Whether it is a career or hobby, it feels fulfilling when one is engaged in a passion, seeing little victories turn into success and building confidence in one’s abilities. A strong passion makes a person determined to see things through even in the face of setbacks. A passionate person inspires those around her who are moved by the same fire.

  1. Consistency

Staying determined even when other people or factors are saying the contrary. Staying consistent leads to making mistakes and learning from them. It can also lead to success and a sense of fulfilment. Either way, a person comes off more confident having learned valuable lessons.

  1. Time

Good time management is a habit that builds confidence. Spending time well on a task that comes off successful builds confidence in one’s abilities and skills. It also fends off any regrets and self-doubt that there was time wasted. It is also important to spend time just practicing self-care.

  1. Organization

An organized person is able to spend time and money well, meaning there are higher chances of success in what she does. Staying organized at home and the workplace has numerous benefits including saving time and money, spending more time with loved ones and staying financially stable, all of which are very beneficial for the self-esteem.

  1. Money

Money is a real self-confidence shot. Financial security means that a person can take care of the basic needs of self and family. A financially stable person feels confident to take on the world knowing well that there is money to take care of problems that might be in the way. It is easier to start a new venture, go for new adventures, meet new people and many other possibilities. Investment in self is key!

  1. Appearance

First impressions matter. That’s why confident people take the time to look good. This does not mean wearing expensive apparel. Observing basic hygiene and wearing a good scent are some basics that will make a good impression on people. Looking good is a self-confidence booster as one draws admiration.

Confident people also have control over their body language. Body posture, speech, and hand movements are some of the things that confident people learn to control. For example, sitting back in the chair while cross-legged signals a person ready to take on any arguments or challenges that are thrown at her. Confident body language makes a person attractive and easy to interact with which in turn boosts her self-esteem and maintains high levels of confidence.

  1. Love

Feeling loved is a basic human need. Love from family and friends makes a person feel emotionally attached and balanced. Feeling that there are people behind you for comfort in hard times, and to share in success in good times is very good for self-esteem. There is a fall back when things are not going well.

  1. Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset keeps a person pushing in the face of challenge. A person with a positive mindset knows that no situation is insurmountable and that there is always the next time in case of failure. A positive mindset is also contagious which means that people around you will share the positivity and enthusiasm in tackling whatever challenges lay in the way.

  1. Perfection

Believe it or not, not doing everything perfectly is a mark of a person who is sure of her abilities. A confident person does not pursue perfection but rather progress because she is sure of her ability to grow. She is certain that by applying herself, great results are possible regardless of the challenges in the way. Repeated achievements of great results build more confidence over time in spite of a lack of perfection.

  1. Spirituality

Having a spiritual grounding offers confidence that there is a greater power watching over you. Whether it is a belief in God or just a belief in a higher power, developing spirituality is a habit that boosts confidence that everything is going to be ok no matter what. History has numerous records of small armies having overcome larger armies by faith that God was watching over them.

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