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What to expect?

When booking me, you will realize you are talking to a professional model that dedicated her life to modeling. So I take my job very serious.I am down to earth person and don't believe or act like a diva, even my looks may indicate otherwise. My looks, are not my personality ;)

 I don't have time to waste or play games. I always have good communications before and after my shoots. 

I will ask questions if I don't understand you, will work on a mood-board basis with pictures to completely understand and prepare the right style.

I do styling and provide my own clothes, lingerie, heels, props etc. when shooting in my studio specially. I do no like wearing leather clothes, something thats dirty, used or other's people shoes. I am extremity clean person and I make sure everything its in place and ready to shoot. 

I don't shoot underwater, I can't swim. I am booking mostly shoots in the mornings. 

I am a freelance model most of the time, I am my own agent, and I am in charge of my bookings.

I will be happy to shoot with someone thats trying to build their portfolio, share my experience and collaborate in the process.

If you want to shoot in a group photoshoot with other models, they need to have similar looks or at least same height. Tasteful and be professional and respectful. 

I am not really interested in image modeling but may consider doing it for high end brands or events. 

My rate is not negociatable, not interested in working with photographers on a budget at this point of my career. If you book me, you pay for my time and experience, I bring so much to the table and to be negotiating my rate is not aceptable. 

I will sign model release only when you shoot for your portfolio and social media platforms or web site, non commercial use. If you want to sell, a fee may apply if I find out you are selling my photographs my attorney will contact yours.

Please understand that I am just trying to be very clear, that has nothing to do with me being nice and fun, I am a lot of fun and a really nice person! that for sure, but has to protect myself and be clear.

What I expect?

I expect you have good communication and send me all the info in one email. not a big fan of back and forth emails. Need to be clear and send mood-board of the style of pictures trying to get, how long you want to shoot, where and all the details necessary. If not, your email will be ignored.

I expect you are respectful and treat the model with respect, you can give me directions and I do not accept you raise your voice and call me names. I will literally walk out of set if you do and you will have to pay full.

I don't expect you send me pictures, thats up to you. If you do, of course I will credit you in any social media I may post.

I expect you are ready and on time to shoot. And shoot what you said you will.

Most of my shoot are fun and full of energy with good communications. We share our experience and inspire each other, after all, we are all in this together.

You won't hear me saying bad words or complaining about other people. 



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